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13 acres

Beachfront property

It offers splendid views and awesome sunrises. It's a perfect place for an eco-lodge or another touristic business. Paved road access and all facilities (water, electricity, TV, Internet) available. Located in Long Bay/South End, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 320'000.--



1 acre

Solid property close to the beach

Within walking distance to the beach. Offering road access and improved by public water, electricity on road. A second road is under construction. Located in North End, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 80'000.--

or best offer



0.25 acre

Nice property close to the beach

Within a 2-3 min. walk to one of the best beaches on Big Corn (Long Bay beach). It's a quiet place only 100m off the main road, so very well connected. A two story house would offer ocean view. The property has beautiful mango trees giving shade and fruits. Water and electricity reach to the property. Located in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 25'000.--



0.19 acre

(800 m2)

Nice oceanfront property

It's a perfect spot for a private house or a small business. The property is 18.40m wide, approx. 44m long and fully improved. Located between the ocean and the island main road in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.



0.75 acres

(3'047 m2)

Property close to the beach

The property is 90m long, 26m wide in front and 40m in the back. It's only approx. 200m distance to the beach. The property is directly connected to the island main road. All the facilities (water, electricity etc.) are nearby. It has a lot of fruit and coconut trees. Located in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 70'000.--


1.9 acres

High potential oceanfront property

It's a perfect place for a small hotel resort or residential constructions. Located between Sally Peachie and North End. Fully improved with electricity and water.

US$ 150'000.--


3.12 acres (12'638 m2)

Beachfront Hotel/Posada Bellavista

with 45m beachfront, located between the beach and the main road of the island. It's a running, fully equiped small hotel, including 2 buildings with 8 rooms for rent, kitchen, restaurant, storerooms, 3 porches, yards with hammocks to chill out, back-up generator and everything else to keep up a running business. The annual turnover of the rentals is approx. US$ 60K. The owners intend to retire. 2 acres of the property are still undeveloped. Located in Brig Bay, Great/Big Corn Island.

Additional informations:


Hotel Bellavista on Tripadvisor





0.45 acre

Oceanfront property

With 90ft (27.5m) front. Located between Brig Bay and North End. Well accessible by road. All public facilities are available. A personal boat could be anchored 100m beside.

US$ 75'000.--


0.24 acre

Lot with 180° Caribbean view

This special offer is thru February 2015. The lot is located in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.



0.25 acre

(1'000 m2)

Several amazing ocean view lots

The lots are located around the top of Mount Pleasant, one of the highest points of the island. They offer amazing views to south-east or north-west. The lots are accessible by road (2 min. by car from the island main road) and the public facilities (water, electricity) are reaching as far as the first lot. The dimensions are 35 x 28.5m.

US$ 25'000.-- - 32'500.--

per lot


1.1 acres

Nice beachfront property

with 65m beachfront. The permanent breeze makes the location very pleasant. The property is covered with a lot of coconut trees, ready to put a hammock to chill out and to relax. Located in Sallie Peachy, 200m off the main road.



4.3 acres

Pleasant inland property with beachfront

The property is located between the main road and the beach in Sallie Peachy and is connected to all the facilities (water, electricity, TV etc.). It comes with a small wooden house. The very eco-friendly environment offers different types of trees, wet areas to the front with birdlife, crabs, turtles etc. The property is approx. 70m wide and 300m long. At the moment there is no direct access to the beach. The actual restrictions on wetland would probably allowed to build a wooden foodbridge, depending on the intentions of a environment-friendly use.

US$ 98'000.--


1.2 acres

(4'700 m2)

Nice beachfront property

with access from two sides, main road and beach. Due to this favorable circumstance, the property offers various development opportunities, f. ex. more bustling activities along the main road and a cozy, relaxed lifestyle on the beach.

A split in two plots is also an option.

There is direct access to public water and electricity. Located on Big/Great Corn Island between Brig Bay and North End.



4 acres

Nice ocean view property

The property is located uphill, close to the light house/tower on Little Corn and offers ocean view south-/westward. It's 5 min. walking distance to the main dock. All the facilities are close by. The property is sold as whole or per acre.

US$ 90'000.--

per acre

(1 acre sold)


0.5 acre

(2'000 m2)

Pleasant beachfront property

Very convenient for a residential beach house/cottage. The nice breeze all the year round makes this spot an excellent place to chill out and relax. Located in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 89'000.--



1.2 acres

(4'912 m2)

Beautiful ocean view property

The property is in the average 45m wide and approx. 110m deep. It offers a marvellous ocean view W-NW. Southwest Bay as one of the most beautiful beaches of the island is only a 2 min. walk away. The hillside location of the property allows several constructions without restrictions of the individual ocean views. The land is directly accessible by road at the bottom. All the local facilities and utilities (water, electricity, TV etc.) are right beside the property. Located between Quinn Hill and South West Bay, Big/Great Corn Island.

US$ 115'000.--


1 acre


Excellent oceanfront property

with a perfect view over the Carribbean Sea and to Great Corn island to the West. It is only a 2 min. walk from the main dock away, within the area with the most activities of the island (restaurants, small shops, internet, medical center etc.) and the relaxing Pelican beach. The property offers a solid and flat ground for constructions. Water and electricity are available. Located at Pelican Beach, Little Corn Island.





2 acres


Beautiful beachfront property

with approx. 60m (180ft) beachfront. The property is full of wonderful coconut trees. A perfect spot to build a few cabañas on posts or an individual residential house. Mostly with pleasant breeze from the NE. Located in South End, Big/Great Corn Island.

(on hold)




4.5 acres

Countryside property

about 100m beside the road to Quinn Hill. The property is accessible by road. The connections for public water, electricity and cable service (TV, phone, internet) are close-by. With a lot of plantain bananas and fruit trees. 50% of the property is swamp.The property has to be surveyed to get the exact dimensions. Located in Pasture, Big Corn Island.  

US$ 95'000.--


9 acres


Nice ocean view property

Good land with no swamp, lightly sloped and with a zephyr wind. A perfect spot for housing projects, condominiums or a nice hotel. The property is about 65m wide and 560m long.

Located in Little Hill, Big Corn Island.

US$ 405'000.--

(4 acres sold)


4 acres

Clean and well maintained inland property.

Most part is used as plantain bananas plantation at the moment. There are several big mango and  other fruit trees. A watchman is available to take care if needed. There is access by road, public water and electricity are close by. Located in South End, Big Corn Island.



0.5 acre

Clean inland property

beside of BC-AT-03 with several fruit trees and plantain bananas. The property is fenced and accessable by road. Public water and electricity are close by. Located in South End, Big Corn Island.



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